There is a difference between being a Lifeguard and Being a Lifesaver. The main role of the lifeguard is to monitor all people bathing or participating in any sports in an aquatic environment with a view to prevention and education with the use of signage, flags, zones and rescue equipment.
The Lifeguard should be trained and qualified and in the event of an accident or incident in or out of the water be able to carry out the rescue of any people in difficulty. Providing advice, guidance and first aid when necessary.

Lifesaving is the act involving rescue, resuscitation and first aid. It often refers to water safety and aquatic rescue, and also includes flood and river rescue, swimming pool rescue, ice rescue and other emergency medical services. Lifesaving is also a worldwide sport where lifesavers compete across a variety of skills, speed and team work. Lifesaving activities based at or near a coastal or sea environment are called surf lifesaving or coastal lifesaving.

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